Featured image of In Between series part 2 and 3. The left side shows a woman in purple hair wearing a pink dressing gown and holding a lit candle. The Right shows a similar woman with purple hair in a green and purple dressing gown, in a more detailed dark hallway.
Digital Painting,  Illustration Series: In Between

In Between – Part 3: Wandering the Halls

I finished this third piece in the In Between series at the end of this past April. I used my iPad, but I am still fairly new to painting with it. I felt like I was fighting against the technology, and unsure of how to use it. Oh, and being indecisive about the color palette – that slowed me down quite a bit. 😅 I’ve bookmarked some online courses for Procreate, so perhaps I’ll get a bit less awkward soon.

I tried to move faster with this one – commit to a decision, not worry if it looked good enough, and then move on.

I’m not very happy with the background, because I’d wanted to tinker with rendering it more (rather than having it in a cell-shaded style), but I didn’t want to sink a lot of time into the piece, when the point of the series is to show progress over time. I’m happy I included an actual background of a hallway, rather than a solid color.

Digital painting of a woman walking through a dark hallway, with decorative woodworking around the door lintel. Strange crystals give off a light on either side of the door. The woman is wearing a bright green and purple dressing gown, and holding a lit candle in a holder.

Above: In the Between Part 3, April 28, 2023.

I’m finally feeling a bit better in my neck. Took the day off to rest, after I woke up with it once again sharply spasming.

I wonder if this office chair is not helping 🙁 . I wonder if I can get a standing desk soon, and if that’s even really going to help. I need to take more breaks during work, drink more water, stretch. Meditate… gah, so many things I feel like I should be doing >_<.

But for now, I’m going to fill another page in my sketchbook, and think about what I’m going to post next.

‘Til next time

Edit the next day to add: I realized I never mentioned that I’ve decided with the series not to try to scan/share all the practice pieces between parts. The central idea is this character wandering in a liminal space and telling a loose story, while improving over time. And while I want to share the work in between each part, I’m hoping to do that in separate blog posts, rather than try to drop in a bunch of sketch pages like I did on the first part of this series. I’m just adding this more for my own internal organization of how I’m approaching the project ^_^**.

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