Mask of the Muse, Digital Painting

Tell Me Oh Muse of an Artist of Many Devices

A delighted muse laughs in the rain. A good spring rain, on the edge of the passing storm, where sunlight and shadow mix with falling raindrop prisms. She finds her course by stream and deer path, wandering the wildwood at twilight. She rests in the shadows of mossy rocks or under leaf litter. She presses her cheek to rich earth, listening to the secrets of growing roots. She is unafraid of winter’s touch and the dormancy of ice and snow. She knows when to rest and when to renew. She knows how to whisper to the buried seed, “The time for creation has begun.”

Welcome to my little art blog. A place to hold paintings, drawings, sketchbook pages, poetry, writing, comics, and anything else that may spring from inspiration’s fiery touch.