Sheets of paper with drawing drills

Drawing drills are like art vitamins

I didn’t realize how important muscle memory and pure ‘mileage’ of mark making and training your arm/hand/eye coordination can be until this past year. Which sounds kind of silly, but I suppose I always had the assumption that art skill was all talent* + creativity + intelligence.  I guess it’s just a reflection of how I tend to live with my head in the clouds, and that I need to ground myself in my physical body more.

The more I practice realism, the more I feel the importance of having a range of and control over the marks that I make. The ability to draw objects, environments, creatures, and the human figure which appear closer to reality than abstraction is a difficult ability to master.  The nature of the marks we are able to make — their range and qualities — is a basic component in creating visual illusions.

Cupckaes with Christmas tree and snowflake sprinkes and the words happy holidays

Happy holidays! Unwinding and letting my hair down

Thus starts a four day weekend for me *throws celebration confetti everywhere*.

I have totally been putting off blogging in here (on my second post, I know, I know! I did say no promises >_>*). Originally, I wanted to focus on the “#huevember” challenge on Instagram (three pieces away from being done, yay! :D) and then of course the build up to the holidays always gets so busy. And I guess I was still thinking these posts would have… like… a specific topic of focus, all neat and edited and such.

Photograph of the sunrise over a field

Beginning again and again

Something I have learned in my path as a witch and an artist is that life is filled with many small beginnings and endings, ones we might not notice amid the more obvious milestones of our lives, like going to school, getting a job, or moving to a new place. I’m beginning to realize how much power the smaller, everyday beginnings and endings contain, how they shape us along the way. This post is a bigger beginning, but it’s been crafted by a complex weave of daily choices, as I learn to be a better artist and blogger. I hope you’ll join me while I figure out all this tangled magic.

You see, back in 2011, I created a version of this blog that was somewhat doomed to fail.