Several gesture drawings of figures, drawn with a digital pastel brush
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Gesture Drawing Practice in Photoshop

Tonight’s art practice is gesture drawings, as the stylized faces were feeling a bit too repetitive. Happily, there’s always opportunity for variation in a drawing practice. No need to feel bored!

Seven gesture drawings of figures, three in standing poses and four in sitting poses
Sketches of cylinders rotated in space

As has been typical the last several times I’ve opened Photoshop to draw, I started with a layer of drawings drills. Most of these have been pretty boring/standard, but I figured I’d share the one above, to show the kind of practice time I’m trying to put in. Drills eat up a portion of my dedicated art time after dinner without anything really glamorous to show for it, but I’m hopeful the effort adds up. Also drills are nice to do while trying to figure out what I might want to watch on YouTube or Netflix, because it’s easy to pause after a cylinder or two and surf around on my other monitor.

I’ve run out of time for any more commentary, unfortunately – time to go order some groceries online and wash the dishes before getting ready for bed. 😛

‘Til next time.

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