Mask of the Muse, Digital Painting

Lizbeth Wildwood (she/her)

Thank you for visiting my blog and portfolio!

I’ve been fascinated by art, especially fantasy and sci-fi themed, for as long as I can remember. As a late 80s/90s kid, I’ve been transfixed by the World Wide Web since middle school. Growing up as the web grew has been exciting and enthralling: I remember using the Yahoo! site directory to find HTML iFrame anime fan pages and downloading midi files of theme songs. I’m fondly nostalgic for the days of weblogs that were just static updates on a single HTML page, and you joined webrings and fansites to connect with others.

Since my earliest days of surfing the web, I’ve always been drawn into reading other people’s online journals. Alas, I was also the ultimate lurker – reading, but never commenting or sharing my own thoughts, except a few tentative forays into LiveJournal and Xanga and Blogger.

I’ve longed to share an art blog of my own. This blog aims to channel more than a little of that early 2000s LJ energy. I ramble and tell about my day to the void, and I shamelessly throw in my favorite emoticons! ^_~ *laughs* *holds up spork*

Ramblings aside, this blog is mostly about art and drawing. Learning any form of art isn’t easy, and while there are a lot of videos and tutorials on the specifics of drawing technique and form, it’s harder to express the journey itself — learning to stay inspired, believe in yourself, and make art a part of your life. Even when you feel lost in the woods and alone in the night, muses are always whispering if you pause and listen. I aim to make mine smile.