A collage of three watercolor paintings, all three featuring a redheaded mage in a green dress, holding magical energy.
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Dancing Sorceress Redux

Redraws of art are so satisfying 😭 This one is from my multimedia sketchbook, which I finished this past spring. I still feel very rusty and unsure with watercolor paint, but I so enjoy the medium.

The original painting was from 2017. The second was from January 21, 2023 but done fairly quickly with no references or planning. The last was finished three days later on January 23, 2023, but with some thumbnail sketches, gathering of some references, looking at jewelry designs, etc.

A watercolor painting of a woman with curly red orange hair, and wearing in a flowing green dress. There are more details of jewelry and layered clothing. She is conjuring purple flowing magic waving between her two hands.

Above: Dancing Sorceress Redux II – January 23, 2023

A watercolor painting of a woman with curly orange hair, and wearing in a flowing green dress. She is conjuring purple flowing magic above her.

Above: Dancing Sorceress Redux I – January 21, 2023

A watercolor painting of a redheaded woman in a simple green dress. She has flowing blue designs around her.

Above: Dancing Sorceress – 2017

I struggle with feeling like I have enough time to give to a sketch or painting. I often revert to doodling and avoiding using references or creating thumbnails for sake of ease, and then I mentally kick myself for not giving more effort.

Also I’m not sure if it’s a great idea (for me at least — your mileage may vary!) to make art while watching videos or movies/TV. It seems I do best when I’m more intentional and listening to music, an audio book, or audio-only podcasts. Even shows like Critical Role or the videos on the And That’s Why We Drink podcast YouTube channel feel too distracting. I end up feeling rushed or scattered and the art-making session feels off.

Not much more to add: I honestly can’t remember much about the process for drawing and paintings above (especially the 2017 one 😅) , because it’s been too long.

But hey, one more post after this and then I’m caught up with my short backlog of prepped art. And while I may still film sketchbook videos…eventually…I’m mostly planning to focus on near-term sketches and try to just snap more progress photos/WIP screenshots, like I was able to do back in the spring of 2021.

That’s all for now — today started off with a migraine and pretty severe neck pain that only seemed to release around 8:30pm, so I’m going to … well … doodle while watching something YouTube, lol. Clearly need to take my own rambling advice. But perhaps tomorrow I can aside time for more intentional, focused art. <3

‘Til Next time

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