A sketchbook page with a drawing of two faces.
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Ah, Monday and it’s almost 10pm. At least I filled a few pages in my current sketchbook. I’ve been rewatching Sherlock on Netflix tonight as I sketched. Goes right along with my Batman the Animated Series watch from yesterday. I’m a sucker for any World’s Greatest Detective, dark knight story line, ha. ;p

A sketchbook page with a drawing of three faces.
A sketchbook page with a drawing of two faces.
A sketchbook page with a drawing of a woman's face

Blue mechanical pencil under sketches for the win! Don’t know about the ball point pen, but it seems like the best thing for this ultra-smooth paper: normal fineliners take forever to dry and even then still smudge.

One of the pages was from last week Thursday, but the rest are from today – I ended up watching more BtAS last night instead of sketching, whoops. ^_^;;

There’s still room on the last page (last photo above) for one more smaller sketch, the back of that page, and then perhaps a quick doodle on the back cover, before calling Sketchbook No. 4 finished. I’m excited to move on to a 7×10 inch Canson Mixed Media. Much different paper quality and a larger format!

That’s all I have for tonight; it’s late and I’m proud of myself for getting a good hour of sketching in.

‘Til next time.

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