Digital sketch of three women's faces, all similar, with smirking expression
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Under Sketch Repetition

Sketched tonight from 7-9pm, but it took a while to warm up and the first face I sketched I just did not like how it turned out. But after getting a bit looser with my lines, I found a nice under sketch I liked, so I built on it a few times. The benefit of multiple layers!

Digital sketch of three women's faces, all similar, with smirking expression

I like how the one on the far left turned out best. It was inked with the standard “hard round pressure size” Photoshop brush, but with an intentionally light touch on the lines of the hair.

The middle one was drawn with the same brush, but I ended up making more adjustments during the final inking layer: the eyes looking forward, the strands of the hair. The hair shape could use more work – it’s not as balanced as the others ones.

For the far right one, I flipped it (obviously ;P) and then used Kyle Webster’s HB pencil brush to sketch in the line art. I intentionally tried to stay extra loose, compared to how I usually work. It was actually the first of the three drawings I did above. I managed to stay relaxed as I worked on the others, so hooray for sketchy approach!

All in all, it was a fun little exercise, 10/10 would do repetitions of the same sketch again. (haha, like preparatory thumbnails, which I barely ever do except for during the last mark making oil pastel piece >_>***.)

And now, to perhaps get a good 45 minutes in with pen and paper – and fill some more pages in my sketchbook. Only four more to go! Plus perhaps the inside covers…

‘Til next time <3

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