A sketchbook page with marker and fineliner pen drawings of potion bottles, leaves, a zippered pouch, markers, and a lotion tin. Drawing materials are piled to the right of the sketchbook.
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Holds up spork! (kidding!*) Well after yesterday’s lengthy post, tonight’s will be very short. I gathered a bunch of markers in fineliners in a gray/pink/purple/gold color scheme and sketched what was nearby on my desk. Hooray for being productive in kind of laid back way.

Pictured: my pen case (A Loish one from Society6, very sturdy!), some pink markers, a tin of lavender body lotion, and two glass bottles that I filled with fabric to look like mana and health potions from Diablo II (which sit on the shelf near my desk ^_^).

A sketchbook page with marker and fineliner pen drawings of potion bottles, leaves, a zippered pouch, markers, and a lotion tin.

Swooping leaves as filler is so satisfying, I think I’m just going to keep doing that throughout this sketchbook. :3

The upper corner also has a little cut out doodle from my D&D notebook that I especially liked and wanted to save.

In non-sketchbook news, today was just hard. I know a lot of people have dealt with and are currently dealing with so much worse, so it’s hard to feel I have a right to even complain or talk about how I’m feeling. But every day feels hollow and wrong. I miss commuting into work. I miss listening to Spotify on the bus and walking to and from the bus stop (yes, even in the rain). I miss iced coffee and croissants from coffee shops. I miss conference rooms and chatting with people and doodling during meetings. I miss just dropping by friend’s places to go watch a movie and thrift shop or something. I miss browsing art supply stores in person. I miss the prospect of comic and anime conventions. I miss going to parks and not caring if the parking lot was almost full, because crowds don’t bother me. I miss crowds and people watching. I miss used bookstore browsing. Most of all, I miss my family. I miss visiting my hometown.

I’ve been in this new house five months now, and while it’s leagues better than being cramped in a small one bedroom apartment three stories up, I am feeling closed inside. Maybe spring will help. I know things will get better, but sometimes it’s OK to just feel melancholy.

Maybe tomorrow I will watch some anime classics and start reading a fantasy paperback. Play Chrono Trigger on SNES. Cheer myself up with more random doodles… But for now, it’s time to go get ready for bed.

‘Til next time <3

*It’s a copypasta meme, if you’re like “Spork? What the heck?”. I hesitate to link to the Know Your Meme page, because its origins are that its making fun of the type of teenage girl randomness of forum posts circa the early 2000s, and that’s not cool. Its always a cheap shot to make fun of things teen girls are enthusiastic about (see Lindsay Ellis’ great video on all the unearned hate Twilight got for that same reason).

But… the Holds Up Spork meme is so nostalgic to me, because as a 1998-2003 era internet teen girl (middle school & high school years), I held RaNdOmNeSs in high regard then. And you know what, I still do ^_~!

So as a post-script bonus, here is a small snippet from my Yahoo profile, from when I was 16. (The latest news section was because I was trying to use my profile as a play-by-post RPG forum character, hah! Alas, that never really got anywhere, because I was such a lurker and afraid to post anywhere. T_T)

Yahoo profile screenshot. More about me. Hobbies: Likes: Hello kitty, Gundam Wing, sugar and honey, reading, string cheese and small intricate little puzzles. Dislikes: Lawn gnomes, scary noises in the dark, and jellyfish. Latest news: A fiery haired, short-tempered sorceress who's a bit quick to cry and addicted to the cute and cuddly. But don't underestimate her uncanny weirdness; she has more than one ace up her sleeve.

Tho…I still haven’t seen Invader Zim O_o.

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