• Two sheets of drawing drills, one of gesture drawings and the other cylinders, with two pencils next to the paper

    Drawing drills for a chaotic day

    When I signed off my blog post last night, looking forward to relaxing and being refreshed for tomorrow, I jumped in the shower and got ready for bed, knowing I had taken today off. I had visions of how productive I would be, both with housework and art. And then, 12:30am, we wake up – “What’s that dripping noise?” Oh, its water, dripping in from under the top window trim. Joy. That set the tone for today!

  • A drawing of boxes and cyclinders tilted in space and occassionally intersecting or overlapping

    When in doubt: drawing drills

    Stayed home sick today with a migraine (well…stayed logged off… in this weird remote only world). I’m glad – I’m finally starting to feel better. Ice on neck + water + rest + hot shower + Excedrin = much happier Beth. Unfortunately not much in the way of art making earlier today. BUT! Drawing drills are super simple and weirdly soothing, so here ya go:

  • Digital line art of a short hairs girl with a serious experession. The line art is copied three - the left with teal hair, the center with no color added, the right with green hair.
    Digital Painting,  Drawing

    Face practice

    Spent from 8-10pm tonight sketching around in Photoshop. Was also multitasking as I drew, watching YouTube videos on Fantasy Grounds game master tips, as I am nervous about running a game on Saturday. I’m also still not feeling well, so I’m surprised I managed to make art today. I was mostly moping in the living room while scrolling around on Twitter and YouTube after dinner tonight. Ricky gave me a little nudge to go upstairs, and I’m glad I put the time in.

  • Contour drawings of mugs and a water cup with a straw, with the words Digital Sketching
    Digital Painting,  Drawing

    Digital Sketches and Struggle

    Ugh – I tried to have the art for today’s blog post finished by last night, but nothing was going right. It felt like I could not draw what was supposed to be a simple three-quarter view of a female elf character, using Photoshop. The perspective was wrong, the eyes were wrong, and I felt like the time I spent was wasted. So with nothing prepared, I sat down tonight after dinner, put aside the “it’s just not working” painting from last night, and did some simple sketches instead.

  • Mark Making Part 13: Charcoal Pencils title card, with charcoal pencils in a flat lay photo around a rough filigree black and white drawing
    Drawing,  Figure Drawing,  Intuitive Art

    Mark Making Part 13: Charcoal Pencils

    How can time both seem stuck in amber while also moving at warp speed? Most days, it feels like the evening passes before I can motivate myself to draw or paint. Yet every day feel so similar, it’s hard to believe the seasons are still changing, fall to winter. I worked through using almost all my charcoal pencils back at the end of September, before moving. Then finished out the rest at the end of October. So now it’s nearing the end of November that I’m sharing them! At this rate, I’ll probably finish my haphazard mark-making “use all my art supplies” project in *checks calendar* meh. Spring? So here…