The bottom of a sketchbook page, with a sketch of two women drawn in pen and marker.
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Marker practice and some quick digital drawing drills

Followed through and finished adding marker to yesterday’s line art. I wasn’t sure how well the Ohuhu markers would blend, but I’ve been pleasantly suprised by how nice they work. They bleed all the way through the mixed media paper, though, which is a shame. Similar to Copics, I think they’re better suited to Bristol, marker paper, or even printer paper in a pinch. Mixed media paper is usually closer to a toothy watercolor type paper and absorbs more marker than necessary. At least, that’s what I’ve observed.

Sketchbook page showing drawings of cylinders and spheres with marker skintone color and shading. At the bottom of the page is a stylized drawing of two women from the shoulders up.. The woman on the left is white and has wavy blond hair. The woman on the right is black and has an afro hairstyle.
Digital sketch of many boxes rotated in space.

Some boxes as well, to round out today’s practice. I sketched these a bit ago while watching Critical Role, which I currently have paused while I listen to music. ^_^

I was worried I would miss posting today. I started the day early, because I last minute (as in this past Thursday night) decided I would drive down to my hometown today. The weather was nice enough to see my dad and step mom outside in their backyard and take a walk with my mom and step dad at a local park path. It was a long time on the road for a short visit – 3 hours there, 3 hours back. But it was worth it – I hadn’t seen my dad and step mom since last June! (which was also a social distanced visit). My mom and step dad I was able to stop by and see outside on the sidewalk for a few minutes on Christmas, but it was so cold. Today’s weather was chilly but sunny, and I am so grateful the trip went well.

On the drive back home, it was mostly in the sunset and dark. I listened to the audio book of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which was good company. I haven’t read that book since high school, around 2002. I really should dig out my copy – it’s a big compilation of all the books in a hardback edition that Waldenbooks sold at one time. I say dig out, because it’s on the bottom of Ricky’s bookshelf and he has his books stacked in a kind of jigsaw effect. He swears it’s his copy of the book, but I’m not so sure. ^_~

Every time I drive on highways in Illinois, I wish I could do a country plein air painting of the sunset. I never build in the time to do something like that. Plus I don’t really know how/where to go, without knowing a farmer to ask to be on their property. I mean…I am related to farmers, but I feel weird asking something like that! I’d have to show them what I painted, and I’d feel embarrassed. It’s easier sticking paintings in a blog post and assuming it’s swallowed up by the empty void of the internet. Maybe when it’s safer to visit people or something, it won’t be as awkward to ask. But I definitely wouldn’t want to be on the edge of a stranger’s property, in order to do a painting. That’s a good way to get scolded or worse chased away. Plus it’s rude (and technically trespassing…). At the least, maybe I could quickly take some nice digital photos and then turn them into paintings in the comfort of my own home. The trick then is where to safety park. Meh.

Fingers crossed that I have time tomorrow to sketch and paint and not feel rushed. After a game of D&D, yay! We ended the last game splitting the party, so…oops. Hope that resolves itself. ~_~* I still need to research the next spells I want my bard to have, once we level up again. If that happens!

‘Til next time <3

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