Digital painting of boxes rotated in space
Digital Painting

Boxes: the filler episode of the this anime

I did not feel like drawing tonight and started later at 8:45pm-ish. Spent the time I’d normally jump into drawing after dinner instead working out (aerobic step for the win) and virtual belly dance class.

There must be some sort of happy medium between time being active and time sitting at a desk. I just sit at this desk all day on my work computer and it…makes the motivation to do personal work a little less sometimes.

Anyway, for tonight I decided rotated boxes in space would be a simple accomplishment. Unfortunately, the shading took longer than expected. Form studies are a thing I really want to do more of – constructing light and shadow from imagination. To make the exercise quicker, I decided the boxes should not cast shadows on each other. It was hard enough trying to mentally imagine light bouncing off the boxes!

Digital painting of several boxes rotated in space, some with shading and others left as sketch lines

I obviously ran out of time to shade them all, but hey I like the half finished look. Let’s pretend it was intentional. =^_^=

Credit for the drawing drills ideas/inspiration goes to: Draw a Box (of course!), Peter Han’s dynamic sketching drills, and Istebrak’s wonderful YouTube channel, where Istebrak talks at length about form studies and digital rendering of light/shade. I really want to set aside more time to watch her videos, they are always time well spent. Also, I’m excited Audra Auclair has been posting to YouTube again – I want to watch her new sketchbook video. Sadly, art videos are ones I can’t multitask and watch while drawing. I want to feast my eyes on all the pretty art! Way to distracting. News and Netflix works much better for company while working in Photoshop. ;p

Ah, my usual running off to wash dishes. How exciting! I will say Ricky and I always do them together, trading off on who washes and who dries. We don’t make enough dishes each day to warrant a dishwasher. So I suppose I shouldn’t complain. Just want more art time though. And more time to watch anime or sci-fi shows or read comics!

Though in reality, while drawing the boxes above, I was watching today’s White House press briefing and then the NBC Nightly News, so maybe I would use the time in a more boring way, hah.

‘Til next time.

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