Two digital paintings of clouds and the words cloud studies
Digital Painting

Cloud Studies in Photoshop

Okay, so I thought cloud photo studies would be fast and easy – but it still took 45 minutes to paint these. And then cropping and writing in here. The purple sky is still a WIP, as I didn’t get to add the extra light peach colors and I want to see how it will turn out. Maybe I’ll do some more cloud and candle studies Saturday night? Tomorrow will probably be just drawing drills, as I’m tuning into a virtual performance my dance teacher is holding. And gaming night with friends, which I need to confirm. So not much time for digital painting, alas.

Digital painting of white clouds against a blue skey
Digital painting of purple and orange clouds

Sources from Pexels: top blue sky, bottom purple sky.

Watched like… the first 30 minutes of The Mummy while painting. I decided The Alienist wasn’t really my cup of tea. I admit I dug around for spoilers on it last night to see where it was going to go – and it was really hard to find spoilers – but I decided to pass on the show. Ah well. Now I have some Critical Role to watch. ^_^ The best drawing companion.

‘Til next time.

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