Digital paintings of cloth folds in purple and orange. Text ontop says cloth folds.
Digital Painting

Cloth Fold Studies

Well, tonight was a reverse of yesterday: I spent most of the time after dinner watching the last three episodes of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell with Ricky and left a pitifully small amount of time to make art, create a featured image, and post to here. Still, it was worth it – I love that show so much! Now I just need a show that’s like that but with sorceresses – kind of The Witcher but just the Aretuza parts. Ahem – anyway – for tonight, the quickest thing I felt like painting was a few studies of folds in fabric.

A digital painting of orange fabric with sweeping folds
A digital painting purple fabric with sweeping folds

These were based on two photos from Pexels (the orange cloth and the purple cloth). I found a bunch of other photos to study, but alas, there isn’t the time. I’m hoping to get extra art done this weekend, but I’ll have to be patient – tomorrow is running to town to pick up curbside groceries. But maybe I will pick up an iced coffee and veggie sushi too…mmm. Or save my money for the new Critical Role hoodie that was release yesterday? Gah, choices, choices.

‘Til next time!

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