• Digital painting of a pair of scissors with a red plastic handle
    Digital Painting

    Digital painting study from life

    AKA – what object on my desk could I paint quickly? I wanted to paint something from life tonight, rather than a photo study. There is such a richness of detail when looking at an object in front of you – the way the light bounces off the object, seeing the form better. Being able to reach out and touch for the form. I want to study more from life while digital painting, but having a corner desk set up… I’m not sure how that would work with setting up a still life. A future iPad would make it easier, but I’ll be patient and put in practice time with…

  • Digital painting of various cylinder shapes rotated in space with shading
    Digital Painting,  Drawing


    Hah, no energy to think of a catchy title. More digital rendering/form study practice. This time, after I finished the contour lines of the shapes, I blocked in a solid flat color into the shapes and then used a clipping layer so that I didn’t have to worry about staying in the lines. I started the background as a midtone, so that the highlights would be extra satisfying.

  • Digital painting of boxes rotated in space
    Digital Painting

    Boxes: the filler episode of the this anime

    I did not feel like drawing tonight and started later at 8:45pm-ish. Spent the time I’d normally jump into drawing after dinner instead working out (aerobic step for the win) and virtual belly dance class. There must be some sort of happy medium between time being active and time sitting at a desk. I just sit at this desk all day on my work computer and it…makes the motivation to do personal work a little less sometimes. Anyway, for tonight I decided rotated boxes in space would be a simple accomplishment. Unfortunately, the shading took longer than expected. Form studies are a thing I really want to do more of…