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Snowy Sunday

Went out today with friends, even though it was snowing quite heavily; I’m glad I didn’t have to drive, especially not in my tiny compact car which weeps little car tears at the sight of unplowed roads. We managed a JoAnne’s run (Presidents’ Day sale, yay), Starbucks, and some quick groceries. I picked up the cutting mat I’d been eyeing – a light green one to use as a video backdrop for art videos. Now I just need an SD card to start filming. *happy dance*

I also picked up some of the Happy Planner stuff that was on sale. After trying so many apps for to do list and habit tracking (namely HabitBull, Productive, Asana, Google calendar with tasks, Google Docs, Apple notes with checklists, Evernote notes with checklists, Trello, and ToDoist), I still come back to pen and paper. It feels more trustworthy for some reason, tangible and real. Though I really like ToDoist’s interface and want to find someway to use it. But honestly…probably gonna stick with pen and paper. You get to doodle, add stickers, and generally it feels better to me.

I read a lot more of The Táin today, so that I’m almost halfway done. I sketched one lone pine tree from life, looking down out the apartment sliding door. I used non-waterproof fine liner plus a water brush – it’s such a lovely combination, to be able to create shades of gray – plus super portable. And so far my water brush hasn’t leaked, even though it’s a cheaper-made one. I’ve been keeping it in it’s own small ziplock bag inside my pen bag, just in case. So far, so good. *fingers crossed*

It’s already 8:30pm and there is still so much to do tonight (clean the bathroom, dishes, put away clean laundry, blargh). I really, really wanna play some old school SNES game – probably Earthbound? I don’t know if I’ll have time tonight 🙁 AND I still haven’t read more of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and I really want to finish it before it’s due back to the library.

*skips off to do chores*

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