Drawing of a woman at a control screen. The drawing is on a green, self-healing cutting mat, with prismacolor pencils to the left and right, and a pencil sharper sitting above the drawing.
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Weekend Wanderings

Oh my goodness, posting to my blog again?! It’s that Imbolc energy. ^_^ I’ve been making art over the last year, but haven’t had the energy or focus to blog about it. Definitely suffering from an all-or-nothing mind set, when it comes to what I think I should be doing regarding my blog. It’s annoying to keep relearning the whole “imperfection is okay” lesson. T_T And I keep thinking I’ll scan/photograph my work from 2021 that didn’t make it into here yet, but why not start with a little drawing I finished today?

Of course, I discovered the joys of realizing my iPhone is saving photos as heif files, which my Windows PC would not open, until I paid 99 cents for the add on…(ah, sure, why not Windows. I’m still not ready to completely switch over to Linux ~_~).

Even then, after using the Windows Photo app to convert both photos as JPG, Adobe Photoshop still wouldn’t read the files. So I took a screenshot of them while in the Photo app, and copied that into Photoshop. Gaaah. Then Ricky showed me I could open the heifs in Gimp and Krita >_>*. FEH.

Drawing of a woman looking at a display above a control panel. The display is unseen, but glowing pink. The woman looks concerned.

Under sketch drawn in pencil (a Blackwing Pearl), then inked with Copic multiliners. That was on Friday night, when I also sketched out some general portrait drawings, also in Copic multiliner with a pencil under sketch (mayhaps I’ll photograph those tomorrow). Yesterday I added the Copic marker color bases, and today I layered Prismacolor pencils on top. The pink is all from the colored pencils, except for a thin band of pink marker along where the display screen is. I like how the effect turned out.

I used this Pexels photo for pose reference. Originally, I had the idea that I wanted to draw a waitress in a kind of classic American diner style uniform, but Pexels didn’t have any pics like that (at least on my quick perusal). I suppose I could have combined general references into a drawing, without needing a CC0 photo, but I liked the way the person was leaning in the photo I referenced. So I turned that pose into a woman mechanic working at some sort of space ship control panel (in my mind at least). I didn’t use any references for the control panel, and I drew it fairly quickly without a ruler, so it feels very messy. I’d like to study different types of space ship interior designs. At least I had a lot of fun applying the hot pink glow at the end ^_^v.

I’ve been re-watching X-Files season 1 as a I draw: I haven’t seen most of the S1 episodes since I was 8 or 9 years old (my parents let me watch a lot of sci-fi and horror at a young age, heh. I think it was edifying… *cackles*). That was where the waitress idea came from — Scully and Mulder going into a diner out west. That show is a little mind blowing to me, in how dated it feels. That it was 29 years ago o___0. It makes me feel old, haha. I’m also realizing how much I love the series. It makes me want to finally finish watching Twin Peaks, too.

Yesterday, I ran around for some shopping – picked up a vanilla latte at a local coffee shop (yum), went to Marshalls and found a nice end table/plant stand for downstairs (we were using my drafting stool since the fall, which meant I couldn’t really sit at my draft table for months. But now I have it back upstairs, yay!) I also stopped into World Market (where I felt their plant stands were way too pricey for my tastes), and picked up some Pocky, which I haven’t had in over five years. It was nostalgic, lol. Also found a tin of candies in the shape of an SNES controller, which I plan to turn into watercolor palette, bwahahaha.

Otherwise, it was a quieter weekend of cleaning, groceries, and having yummy Italian takeout. And playing Wand Wars, which is a lot of fun, even if I feel like I resort to button mashing >_>;;;.

And now it’s late, as per typical, so I’m off to sketch a little more before dishes.

‘Til next time (*ahem* hopefully not in like another 11 months…)

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