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Why is Saturday Already Over?

I spent a bunch of time of today working on painting a fig for D&D. It’s the elven ranger I bought *cough* two years ago? But I thought I’d paint the figurines I own in order of least favorite to favorite, seeing as how I’ll hopefully improve with practice. Not that I don’t like all the ones I’ve bought over the last couple years (I have…eleven…because anytime I’ve played Adventure League at a game store, I feel like it’s good form to spend money at the host shop…and I like to buy shiny things, it is my downfall).

I took a quick photo with my cell phone, because it’s past 10pm and I didn’t really want to use my fancier camera. So here is my fig, work in progress, as taken with a potato:

D&D Mini painting work in progress of male elven ranger

Not terrible, for my first try at painting minis, not counting once when I was in high school in maybe 2002? But I tried using craft/artist’s paint back then, rather than model paint. I remember it turning out poorly. Alas, I didn’t have the benefit of being able to watch a bunch of ‘how to paint miniatures’ videos on YouTube back then. *grin*

Ricky and I took a trip to a local game store today, him for some 40K figs and more model paint. I also picked him up paint trays (these ones) as a belated Valentine’s day present. I still haven’t figured out what I want as a present… (we do planned presents because it makes us happy ^_^)

I did score my own nice haul of stuff: a 3/0 brush and a 2/0 brush from AK Interactive., three Reaper minis (“Trish the White Wolf” and “Sylph” and the metal mini “Trista the Loremistress” which I really like but now need to prime), Pathfinder DeepCuts Battles human female sorcerers two pack (already primed, yay!) , and Army Painter summer undergrowth to add to base terrain. Also, finally picked up a metal D20 set, mwahahaha. I am not sure how I feel about the DeepCuts minis… the details are really hard to see. Even with the magnifying light Ricky has set up.

After shopping, we went to a nearby Italian restaurant and had yummy fresh bread and calzones (veggie for me, chicken pesto for Ricky) and raspberry tea.

We ended up watching Hook last night (hadn’t seen it in forever and ever). It was amusing; Dustin Hoffman plays a great villain. But I didn’t read any more of The Táin last night, since the movie finished at 12:30am, so I made up for that this morning. I’m finding the story amusing and fascinating at the same time. Cuchulain is growing on me, though I think I’m still rooting for Queen Medb (yes, even though I know how it ends).

I want to get more Irish mythology books from the library, but I also need to finish reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, because that’s due back in a couple weeks x_X.

Speaking of mythology, I stumbled upon Overly Sarcastic Productions on YouTube while looking for how to pronounce some names from The Aeneid a few months back (I’d read Ursula K. Le Guin’s Lavinia and was wanting to learn more about The Aeneid in general). I love the mythology summaries, they are hilarious and amazing, especially the Journey to the West series. But they have a Cuchulain video too, and it was amusing. Warp Spasm!

On that note, I’m going to get ready for bed :3

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