• Digital sketch of three women's faces, all similar, with smirking expression
    Digital Painting,  Drawing

    Under Sketch Repetition

    Sketched tonight from 7-9pm, but it took a while to warm up and the first face I sketched I just did not like how it turned out. But after getting a bit looser with my lines, I found a nice under sketch I liked, so I built on it a few times. The benefit of multiple layers! I like how the one on the far left turned out best. It was inked with the standard “hard round pressure size” Photoshop brush, but with an intentionally light touch on the lines of the hair. The middle one was drawn with the same brush, but I ended up making more adjustments during…

  • Digital sketch of three faces with female features, one as three-quarter view with shoulder length hair, one front facing with short wavy hair, and one looking down and to the left with hair in a bun
    Digital Painting,  Drawing

    More digital sketching

    Today was mostly cramming to get ready in the morning for dungeon mastering a D&D game in the afternoon. Which I hope went well – first sessions are so hard! I spent time sketching from about 7pm-9pm, and decided to practice more manga-style faces.

  • Digital line art of a short hairs girl with a serious experession. The line art is copied three - the left with teal hair, the center with no color added, the right with green hair.
    Digital Painting,  Drawing

    Face practice

    Spent from 8-10pm tonight sketching around in Photoshop. Was also multitasking as I drew, watching YouTube videos on Fantasy Grounds game master tips, as I am nervous about running a game on Saturday. I’m also still not feeling well, so I’m surprised I managed to make art today. I was mostly moping in the living room while scrolling around on Twitter and YouTube after dinner tonight. Ricky gave me a little nudge to go upstairs, and I’m glad I put the time in.

  • A collage of four images on a pink and orange gradient backdrop. The sketches show a woman's face, mugs, and basic geometric shapes
    Digital Painting,  Drawing,  Sketchbooks

    Daily practice

    I have felt sick most of today – I don’t know if it’s my neck being out or food poisoning or what. So not much words to accompany today’s art. Basically my goal was to practice some basic geometric shapes – especially cylinders. Drawing coffee mugs is a way to keep cylinders feeling more interesting while I draw. I did a page of plain drawing drills (basically quick ovals and rectangles) on newsprint, before opening my sketchbook.