Sketchbook page with drawings of bright green branches of leaves and stylized eyes. Piles of markers and pens are laid on either side of the sketchbook.
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Sketchbook Eye Interlude

Today felt like a busy day but also a very draining day. Here in the Midwest it’s one of those cold, icy, end-of-winter days, when we just had a little taste of spring weather only a week ago, but now there’s snow on the ground again. And the tension of the weather change has been putting me on the edge of a migraine for the past two days (that fortunately hasn’t seemed to hit full force, yay?). Thus, tonight is a “gentle as possible” art practice: opening my sketchbook and drawing simple, easy doodles.

Sketchbook page with drawings of bright green branches of leaves and stylized eyes.

I’d mentioned wanting to sketch some eyes the other night, when I was practicing sketching figures. I want to do some more realistic studies, or at least look at some references while working. But tonight’s drawings were all imagination, no references, just dropping a pile of pens and markers on my desk and going with whatever came about on the page.

I opened my current digital painting WIP, but I realized I didn’t have the focus or energy to do the kind of work I wanted for that piece. I’m hopeful tomorrow will be a different story, but even if it’s not, I know some sort of art will be available as a grounding force and calming meditation at the end of my day.

In non-morose news, I baked a batch of blueberry muffins before signing on to work today. 10/10, would recommend waking up a little earlier for baking, OMG, why wasn’t I doing this before?! It’s quiet, I have the kitchen to myself, and the end result was a fresh, tasty baked good with my morning coffee. And more muffins waiting for me tomorrow, yay! I’m hoping I also wake up early tomorrow to whip up a batch of spinach dip, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while. That is one of my favorite comfort food recipes. Spinach dip and crackers, mmmmm.

I already washed the dishes with Ricky before sitting down to draw, ta-da! So now I just need to go jump in the shower before (hopefully) doing some Calm App meditation and reading.

‘Til next time. <3

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