Digital painting of a coffee cup, macaroon, and chocolate chip cookie
Digital Painting

Digital painting practice: coffee and sweets

Living out my coffee shop fantasies through painting. Or maybe I’m painting my baking aspirations, in the case of the cookie. Tonight was another night where I had about an hour to paint. I found some photos on Pexels to study and then went to work, while watching the latest Critical Role episode.

Digital painting of a coffee cup, macaroon, and chocolate chip cookie

I felt surprisingly tired today; driving took more out of me than I thought it would. D&D went well, though it took the entire game to reunite the party. But reunite we did and with minimal loss of hit points! Also we did the type of battle where some of us got to be up high on a cliff while firing ranged attacks below and that is just *chef’s kiss* my favorite type of combat. Maybe my obsession with choosing ranged attack characters started with Diablo I and my rogue character that I spent hours playing. I’m pretty excited about the Diablo II remaster too. I should really make time to play Diablo III… Can you tell that my brain feels pretty scattered today? >_>*

I don’t even know how to balance time, even though I’m a firm believer in balancing work and leisure. I’m glad I have been carving out time for art and at least sort keeping up on house keeping. But I need to exercise more. I go to virtual dance class twice a week on Zoom, but I also have a Datura subscription that I have not been using enough. If I don’t use it more in March, I’m going to have to stop wasting the money. Bah! And this coming week is going to be a busy one at work. And I’ve been thinking of how to weave some web development practice into my blog, which sounds weird and is probably weird, but I want to combine all my creative endeavors here. I still have to think on that one, how I want to handle it. Maybe that can wait until I get more of my footing with my sketchbook and digital art practice and keep my blog focused on those topics? I guess we’ll see.

Now for dishes!

‘Til next time.

(Sources for photo study: coffee cup, macaroon, and cookie)

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