Digital painting of a large plant againt an alien landscape of sand dunes and stars.
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Finished painting: Otherworldly Winds

Finished, yay! This painting started as an intuitive painting, so the color palette is a bit strange to say the least. I tried to wrestle it into something cohesive, but it seemed to slide out of my grasp and become a bright, tangled mess. Still, I’m very happy with how this turned out. Happy enough that I might order some 6×8″ prints of it for fun.

Digital painting of a large plant with glowing green petals. The petals are floating away over sand dunes, towards an alien sky with stars and a ringed planet.

I’m starting to associate specific digital paintings of mine with whatever I’ve got in the background while I’m working on them. This one was Marvel’s Runaways, part of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and for tonight finally getting back into listening to The Magnus Archives.

The final season started airing in April of last year, but with the pandemic, I just didn’t have the heart to fully enjoy a horror podcast with some pretty chilling themes of isolation and apocalyptic fear. But it’s such a brilliant podcast! I missed listening to it while drawing. So, I started again tonight – relistening on the episode where I last left off, and then listening to Dwelling. The final (!!!) episode airs tomorrow morning (4pm GMT), but I won’t be able to catch up in time. Fortunately I love spoiling things for myself, so I might give the finale a listen anyway. I know that ruins any twists, but even when I know spoilers, I still find any twists super satisfying! It’s weird and hard to explain.

‘Til next time.

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