Sketchbook page with ink drawings of objects. Behind the sketchbook is a can of sparking water, a laptop, and a mechanical pencil and eraser.
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Late Night Sketching

Tonight’s sketchbook page: the objects on the coffee table in front of me. Hey, sometimes you just gotta work with what you have. I didn’t sit down to draw until 9:30pm-ish, so considering it took me about 45 minutes of drawing time, I feel pretty proud that I completed a page. I was not feeling good after dinner and had convinced myself that art and blogging were not in the cards tonight. But after laying down for a couple hours and drinking room temp sparkling water, I’m happy to say I still reached for my sketchbook.

I mainly used a Pilot G-Tec-C4 for the lines, then added in color from a purple Tombow Dual brush pen and a pink/coral-ish Sakura Koi brush pen.

The G-Tec takes a while to dry! I smudged it a few times, but the purple did a good job of covering it up, since the pen is not waterproof and bleeds into the marker’s colors somewhat. I really need to stick a scrap paper in the back of my sketchbook, so I have something to rest my palm on when I’m drawing.

Sketchboko page with ink drawings of a laptop, can of sparkling water, digital audio player, headphones, a mechanical pencil, and a click eraser.

I sketched the sparking water can, my digital audio player with all my PC music saved to a micro SD card (bought when my iPod classic’s battery started to fail to hold a charge longer than a day – though it still technically works. But I don’t have iTunes anymore to sync the iPod. The DAP will hold its charge for weeks! So good! ^_^), a pencil and click eraser (I was going to use those to draw faces but decided I did not have the energy for that level of art tonight), and my laptop (with Critical Role playing while I sketched).

My laptop is an old Dell XPS 13. It is so slow sometimes, but I don’t want to buy a new personal laptop yet. House projects seem more important right now. And – more importantly – I have some serious sticker investment happening on this machine.


A closed laptop covered in many different stickers, some Sailor Moon fan art, a donut, a 20-sided die, Totoro, GitLab and GitHub mascots, and others.

Most were from Redbubble. The chamomile tea mug is one of my digital paintings that I turned into a sticker with a Xyron sticker machine. I really want to make more stickers… but preferably by getting a Cricut machine, rather than cutting them out by hand.

And now it’s 11:40pm. After I sketched, I snapped these photos on my phone, washed dishes, then sat down and quickly cropped my images before writing in here. It is time for bed! May I feel better tomorrow.

‘Til next time.

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