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Sketchbook Update

How is there only one week left in January!? I really wanted to finish filling Sketchbook No. 4 before the end of the month, but I still have 10 pages to go. The balance of wanting to both practice digital painting regularly and keep a traditional sketchbook practice is enough to make my head spin.

At least I can catch up on sharing my most recent pages. The photos below were taken at lunch yesterday; the difference that natural sunlight makes! I like the lighting so, so, so much better than my desk lamp!

Sketchbook page showing a woman in a drapped gown and head cap with flowing veil. A fairy creature is offering her a teal flower.
Photo of an open sketchbook with a drawing of a tree with bare limbs, surrounded by impressionistic leaf shapes. To the left of the sketchbook, there are brush pens and pencils that were used in the drawing.

In the first drawing, I was practicing folds of cloth and it took a few days on and off to finish the drawing. The second was much quicker, and of one of my favorite go-to subjects: trees. I often meditate on the imagery of a tree of life, or otherwise holy tree, in my spiritual practices. For me, there is a deep sense of peace in such visualizations.

The sketch itself turned into a bit of a mess – I was going for impressionistic light and shadows, but the leaves came out stiff and unnaturally geometric and rigid, compared to what I intended. Still, the colors combinations were pleasing.

Now to drink coffee and remote work. And after – hmmm, not sure what to make for dinner or how much effort to put into it. We have one of those Tofurky roasts I could make with mashed potatoes. Or leave that for Saturday or Sunday when I feel like I have a bit more time to cook dinner. And then perhaps a movie later in the night. Ricky and I tend to watch a movie once a week or so. Last week was a rewatch of Atomic Blonde, one of my favorites (mostly because of the music and how visually appealing the frames are set up.* Well and Charlize Theron is one of my favorite actresses). Between dinner and a movie, hopefully I find more sketchbook time, if not also digital painting time. I’ve been working on a painting of my backyard shed which has been fun. It probably sounds boring, and honestly the composition isn’t exciting, but it’s been a relaxing, simple study.

‘Til next time! ^_^

*no idea what the technical cinematic term is – but it has great visual compositions!

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