Marking Making Part 4 title card, with supplies and drawings arranged in flat lay photo
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Mark Making Part 4: Copics, Brush Pens, and Loosening Up

I was super looking forward to reaching my Copic markers in this mark-making-artistic-medium-whatever-it-is experiment. I don’t use Copics near enough, but they are in my top favorite art supplies. <3

I tried not to use too much Copic ink on the project (after all, these things aren’t cheap!), using each color only a bit, to practice blending more than the expressive marks I was getting out of the brush pens. Plus, that way it was easier to get through them all without drawing like…5+ pages of marks.

Using the Copic multi-liners to first make boxes/shapes helped with having specific small areas in which to blend color. I really like the effect of the light grey multi-liner (Fineliner? Eh.) with the lighter pastel colors (that would be the row below the hot pink/purple boxes in the middle).

Clockwise from the top left:

  • Copic markers and multi-liners
  • Misc pens/fine tip markers
  • Brush pens and fineliners, intentionally making it kind of spring flowers and bugs-ish
  • More brush pens, mostly all the black and grey ones
  • Even more brush pens – these are the water soluable ones (i.e. Koi, Arteza, Akashiya Sai Watercolor Brushes)
  • Gel pens and fineliners

Click for a larger view:

I feel like I hit my stride here in being loose and expressive and unafraid of making a “mistake”. Loosening up while drawing feels great, who knew!

Next up is Prismacolor makers and the remainder my disorganized art pen boxes. From there, the supplies get so much more organized, yay!

Now to watch The Magicians S5 Ep 12. And then *wipes a tear away* only one more episode after that. I hope the series ends in a good spot. I still need to read the books.

*Slinks off*

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