Photo of a sketchbook with markers and pens next to the sketchbook, and two drawings collaged on top
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Sketchbook Number 4 Finished

Yeeeesss, the Midori sketchbook is filled!!! *jumps with joy*

I have been dragging this sketchbook around in my purse since February 2019 (well, after March 2020 it was just near my computer. Cause, you know…not much travel sketching in 2020). And even before that, I had it at my desk at work in 2017 for a while, slowly filling it with occasional doodles and drawing drills. I bought it from JetPens on a whim, specifically for silly doodles. Over time, it’s unexpectedly transformed into a book near and dear to my heart.

This is the book I dragged around, drawing things in restaurants and at lunch. The drawings of crowds of people. Of people waiting at the same bus stop. Or people on the bus. Coffee shop doodles. And somewhere around the middle: trees, my neighborhood – sketches from walks outside during the beginning of the pandemic. It’s pages change for me after March 2020 – I didn’t know how special a simple sketch of a coffee house salt shaker was, or a stranger on a park bench. Ah, it makes me more melancholy than a Friday night calls for, but it’s a sweet too.

Inside sketchbook cover with taped post-it with a drawing of a face with eyes closed and the words peace of mind

“Peace of Mind” doodled on a Post-It during a (virtual) team meeting early on in the pandemic.

Back inside sketchbook cover with drawing of greenhaired woman holding a penant that has the words No 4

The last page! Drawn tonight to celebrate ^_^. (And in the top left corner: my little pen scribbles from over the life of the sketchbook – for getting dried out ballpoints to work by digging into the back cover, hah.)

Sketchbook page with ink and marker drawings of tea and coffee cups

The first page, above, which had the little “sketchbook number 4” box for over two years, but I filled the rest of the space with my new go-to subject of cup drawings. Because I love coffee and tea so much, gah.

Sketchbook page with a drawing of an androgenous elven face and cylinders

Quick elf face for the last page, plus more cylinders. Cylinders everywhere, bwahaha.

Sketchbook page with a doodle of a cat sticking out its tongue and the word blep

Filling white space :p

Photo of a sketchbook, with markers and pens next to the sketchbook

I’m happy it’s filled. I’m annoyed it took so long, but you know what – I’m going to let that go, just breathe that self-annoyance out of my body right now. Because this sketchbook is dear to me, just because I’ve decided to see it in that bittersweet light.

Onward to sketchbook Number 5! Mixed media paper, larger pages, ooo boy!

‘Til next time. <3

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