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Nostalgia is a Friend of Mine

Tearing apart my site’s CSS after installing a new WP theme is so much fun ::evil laugh:: But seriously, I was thinking about why I wanted to blog and how to motivate myself, and I kept thinking of Live Journal cira 2001 and how my favorite layouts had dark backgrounds, bright text. I am a bit worried it might be a… bit much… for some folk, but honestly, it pleases me. (Ricky: “Aren’t you…supposed to be designer of some sort?”)

It’s my blog, and I’ll cover it in neon amazingness if I want to ;p

I added the custom fields for ‘currently listening to’ and ‘current mood’ too, yay! I want to map the mood list to an animated gif set, but for now, I’m happy with just a placeholder ::before pseudo element using font awesome.

Today was a super cold day and I felt tired, even with an afternoon iced coffee (I don’t know why I still drink iced coffee when it’s feels like -10F or whatever outside >_>).

I am not-so-patiently hoping that a trailer for GoT S8 comes out soon; I had my fingers crossed for yesterday, but alas… at least they released some official season 8 photos, so I have something to hang onto until April 14th.

In the meantime, I’m totally absorbed within The Magicians on SYFY – I’ve watched through S2E10, but also the most recent one from yesterday (I caved and paid the $2.99 on Amazon Prime video, because I don’t have cable and apparently that’s the only way to watch the latest episodes…and I am not a patient person…). I know I’m head over heels, because /r/brakebills community is full of fan theories and speculation, and I love when a show has enough complexity to warrent pondering over that kind of stuff. Absurdist tinfoil-hat-GoT theories is one of my favorite parts of Game of Thrones to be honest. I’ve been avoiding /r/freefolk though; last season I caved and read the leaked scripts before the episodes aired – I usually like knowing spoilers (::points to watching most recent Magicians ep even though I’m not caught up::), but… reading the actual script before seeing the episode took some of the spark out of watching it. ;__;

I’ve been sketching, but mostly contour studies of random objects around my apartment. Not super exciting, but I do think I’m learning to look more deeply and stay focused while drawing from life. My DSLR came in the mail today too, so it’ll be easier to take photos of my art ::biggest happy dance of all::

Also, can I just rant that using asterisks for RP style…actions (ok IDK what to call them…you know, the old chat room *walks into a tavern* type thing)…well markdown or whatever, turning it into bold instead of keeping the asterisks… it makes me slightly sad. Hopefully double colons work just as well ::shrug::

I’m off to read more of the Táin bó Cúailnge wrapped in a warm blanket and maybe make some chamomile tea. Because I enjoy calm Friday nights, lol. Though Ricky wanted to watch a movie, but it might be too late…


Listening to: The Violet Flame, Jeff Victor
Current mood: cold

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