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I am sick of cold and ice, but hey pixels to warm the soul

Totally not having it with this weather and feeling trapped indoors, wanting to go hiking or, I don’t know, see more sunlight in a given 24 cycle, is that too much to ask? I feel like I used all my energy up at work today, so there wasn’t much left by the time I got home. I have been recharging with…you guessed it, more Magicians. I finally got to the episode where Margo and Elliot speak in fandom references, and the GoT wiki note killed me. I too started with only reading the wiki, bwahahahaha.

At the least I have some new pixel art. Pixel art – the new comfort food of my art practice <3

Pixel animation of a smiling face whose eyes change from hearts to closed lines with lashes
Pixel art of basic shapes - squares, triangles, circles
Pixel art of isometric cubes forming a grid, with one cube on it's own to the left

First one was another Piskel experiment. Then for the other two, I followed along with two tutorials from YouTube’s PXLFLX: Pixel Art Basics in Photoshop Part 1: Drawing and Pixel Art Basics Tutorial Part 4: Isometric Shapes. I didn’t quite get my isometric grid to line up though >_<*

I really, really want to start sketching in the morning. I have this fantasy where I become a morning person and wake at 5:30am to a mug of tea and then sketch really beautiful still life drawings or something until it’s time to get ready for work. Or drink sugary coffee and draw anime characters. I don’t know, it’s imaginary. I would never really choose to be up before 9am if it were an actual fantasy. But alas, reality is a harsh mistress, and having a full-time job might force my hand to give time to my illustration and art practice before going to work. We shall see if “becoming a morning person” is in the cards fate has dealt me.

*slinks off like a tired slim monster*

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