• Digital painting of boxes rotated in space
    Digital Painting

    Boxes: the filler episode of the this anime

    I did not feel like drawing tonight and started later at 8:45pm-ish. Spent the time I’d normally jump into drawing after dinner instead working out (aerobic step for the win) and virtual belly dance class. There must be some sort of happy medium between time being active and time sitting at a desk. I just sit at this desk all day on my work computer and it…makes the motivation to do personal work a little less sometimes. Anyway, for tonight I decided rotated boxes in space would be a simple accomplishment. Unfortunately, the shading took longer than expected. Form studies are a thing I really want to do more of…

  • A drawing of boxes and cyclinders tilted in space and occassionally intersecting or overlapping

    When in doubt: drawing drills

    Stayed home sick today with a migraine (well…stayed logged off… in this weird remote only world). I’m glad – I’m finally starting to feel better. Ice on neck + water + rest + hot shower + Excedrin = much happier Beth. Unfortunately not much in the way of art making earlier today. BUT! Drawing drills are super simple and weirdly soothing, so here ya go:

  • Pencils ontop of a sketchbook, with a razor and sandpaper to the right
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    Sharpening Pencils

    I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of using a single-edge razor to sharpen pencils. They really do work so much better to have a variety of line, but I’m still fond of cheap mechanical pencils too – nostalgia is a strong force. And of course a consistent line weight has its advantages on occasion. I feel a little silly, showing fundamental drills/practice work like value bars, but honestly, even if they don’t look very special, putting the time in on simple exercises really does make a difference. I’m getting more confident with graphite, but dip pens are still rough. The ink feathers so much on most paper. It…