• Image showing many sketches of hands in pen ink and marker, most in black and white
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    Sketchbook Pages from September

    Long time no blog; I’ve been quite busy… ::drum roll please:: …moving! After a long search, Ricky and I bought a house and are all moved in.  I knew just the two of us moving all our stuff would be a challenge, but we managed. We did get help from Ricky’s dad, which was necessary for the really heavy stuff, even with a hand cart/dolly to help. I was beyond exhausted and sore and bruised after the solid week it took us to move all our stuff. But I’ve also felt surprised, grateful, and curious for this new adventure. I wasn’t really letting myself believe it was real until after…

  • Marking Making Part 6 title card, with supplies and drawings arranged in flat lay photo
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    Mark Making Part 6: Ballpoint Pens and Highlighters

    Today was a low day, not much to talk about. I managed to do some yoga in the morning after a long shower, so that was nice. Sat out on the apartment balcony and video chatted with my family. Read more of Below the Root. Sketched with colored pencil sticks (aka, part 10 of this project). Still have a headache from allergies. >_< Today’s post are the pieces I did with the pens kept with other office supplies such as tape and paper clips. I wanted to include them in this project because using ballpoint pens to sketch can be fun. I also have occasionally used a highlighter to add…