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Sunday Sketches

Yesterday was fairly relaxed, but I was feeling restless. And I woke up with a headache, so that’s never fun. I played D&D for a good chunk of the afternoon and sketched a bit, before starting to re-read Starhawk’s Dreaming the Dark, which I haven’t read since borrowing it from my university library back in 2005-ish. I’m excited to dig back into it and see how I’ve changed in how I react to/absorb it.

Even if I felt quite “blah” and mopey, I’m proud that I finally did a simple “draw your day” sketch journal page. Earl Grey Tea! Pop-tarts! Reading! D&D!

A small sketchbook page showing ink and colored pencil sketches of a travel mug of tea, poptarts, an open book, and a sketch of the Fantasy Grounds game screen.

Originally, the sketchy parts were just in mechanical pencils (love my Cinnamoroll pencil from Kawaii Pen Shop! I splurged on it, and a few other stationary items, in April of last year, and it took so, so long to get here, due to understandable Covid related shipping delays).

I changed my mind on the pencil though: it smudges really badly in this sketchbook – the paper is extra smooth and has like no tooth at all. Instead, I inked it with a 01 Le Pen Drawing fineliner which was…ugh, kind of dried out. It was one of my pens I recently retrieved from my work office, as I had a pen cup on my desk (with my own purchased pens) and hadn’t been there since March 2019. Happy to have my cute pens and a few random highlighters and art pens back!

Speaking of highlighters, I love using the Mildliner highlighters by Zebra (both brush and the regular chisel highlighter tip) on sketches. I had a few at my office, as they were my ‘on the go’ drawing tool of choice back in 2019, when I could do things like go out to lunch and people watch. UGH. I am still feeling restless, clearly.

A sketchbook page of a teacup drawn in pink and blue pen
A sketchbook page of various sized coffee and tea mugs, drawing in black ball point pen and pinka nd blue highlighter.

Keeping with the “man, I miss coffee shops!” vibe, and drawing lots of mugs. ^_^

I still have a headache today – I’ve been holding so much stress and tension in my neck lately. I bought a neck and shoulder heating pad from Target that I am going to use after I jump in the shower and get ready for bed. I know ice will also help, but I just want something soothing. Maybe ice first… ice on the back of the neck plus some Excedrin, before this turns into a worse headache. Gah.

It’s already 9pm and I was really hoping to digital paint. Maybe I can give myself 30 minutes? I was going to test out Ricky’s Wacom Intous, too, as my older Intous has a chord which is splitting open, grrrrrrr. His Intous is newer, if a bit smaller, so we shall see. I might just slap some electrical tap on my old chord and call it a day >_>.

An hour ago, I was watching the White House press briefing while cropping the photos for this post. I find I’ve been trying to catch them every week day, like a new TV show I’m into, hah. Except it’s interesting to hear what questions are being asked and see how questions are answered carefully and tactfully.

While typing out this, I paused the video (just watching on NBC’s YouTube); I can easily draw while listening to someone speak, but I cannot write and listen to spoken word at the same time. *Shrug* Instead, I’m playing my usual “calm meditative music while blogging” playlist. I almost don’t want to leave my happy new age and Celtic music bubble to go back to the press briefing video >_<. But I’d rather finish it up, if I’m going to paint for 30 more minutes.

‘Til next time <3

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