A photo of an open sketchbook. On the left page are cloth studies in red marker. On the right page is a pencil sketch of a long haired sorceress looking forlorn.
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A Lonely Mage Redux

Sharing another redraw from my collection of childhood drawings – this time a very forlorn looking mage. I’ve included the old version of the drawing from when I was a freshmen in high school! ^_^ Rather than cringe at the super rough drawing, I feel a fond sense of nostalgia. Redraws motivate me to being kind on myself: non-judgemental on how I “should” draw. I am only comparing myself to my own past, and seeing if I can do better. And pulling from the far distant past, I know my skill has grown a lot since then, so I go into the practice of drawing with confidence and joy. That is the kind of attitude I want to bring to all my art making.

This drawing as very relaxed – I didn’t use any references, it was more akin to doodling and just enjoying the sketch, rather than trying to make it too perfect. And while the cloak and cloth folds didn’t quite turn out the way I would have liked, I’m really pleased with the result overall!

I also did the thing again where I drew this (and the marker piece after it) on copy paper, so I could easily work on a drawing board in my lap. Then I taped it into my sketchbook. I think working in hard bound sketchbooks just feels clunkier to me.

A pencil sketch of a woman with long wavy hair, wearing a cloak, dress, and corset. She has a plain circlet on her brow. She is holding a sphere of magic above her left hand as she looks sadly at the ground with eyes closed.
Pencil sketch of a forlorn mage.

The original sketch from the year 1999 or 2000 is below. I feel like I was probably just getting out of my phase of liking the AmericanGirl Library illustration style – like from Super Slumber Parties or The Care and Keeping of Friends, and switching to liking anime and manga art styles. And this character is a continuation of the one from my previous redux post.

A very simple drawing of a feminine mage character holding glowing magic in her left hand.
An early childhood drawing of mine of a mage character.

Not quite liking how the cloth folds looked in the new redux, I practiced some simple pipe folds in Ohuhu marker and Sakura Pigma Micron fine liners. Except the last little sketch in the lower right – that was looking at my glasses-cleaning lens cloth on my desk.

Marker drawings of red cloth, three showing pipe folds and the fourth as a pile on the floor.
Cloth studies in Ohuhu marker.

Now it’s thankfully Friday, and I’m still feeling under the weather. I keep thinking I’m getting better from this cold/flu *sigh*. Tonight I just want to watch a little more X-files, hopefully do the next Datura workout (they have been kicking my butt, gaah I need more core strength T___T), and sketch more in my sketchbook.

Side note: whoever has been editing the Wikipedia entries for all X-Files episodes is the best. Each episode has it’s own page, with all sorts of behind the scenes info and details. It’s just *chef’s kiss* the best to pair with watching each episode.

‘Til next time.

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