Image of an open sketchbook showing lace designs on either side of the page, drawn in pastel fine liners and markers. Cursive text on top of the image reads: Lace & Cloth Studies. To the right of the sketchbook on the table in a ribbon of lace, a few pens, and a pink mechanical pencil.
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Lace & Cloth Studies

Hooray for another longer holiday weekend. 😊 Feeling a bit better from the flu. I’ve pretty much just been testing out Procreate brushes, rather than working on any new artwork. It’s certainly a low-key, peaceful art practice. But I’m thinking tonight I might be able to do some more smaller studies, similar to these lace ones I created in late November. And there are a couple cloth studies and lace doodles from this past Wednesday done in Procreate.

The page below was drawn while traveling for Thanksgiving. I threw a bunch of pastel pens and markers into a travel pouch, not sure what I’d draw. I’m happy with how the page turned out, and I found it very relaxing. I was drawing these late at night in bed after visiting with family all day. I used a variety of reference photos from Pinterest, blending them together into original designs.

A sketchbook page of ribbon trim lace drawings, most of which are light blue, some light green.
A variety of lace trim designs in marker.

And then below, attaching the lace to cloth. I was trying to keep it simple, so I tended towards almost flat spread or slight pipe folds. I shaded these with a pink mechanical pencil, an effect I really enjoyed. Especially the pink, purple, and peach combinations. The one that’s all splotchy with gold gel pen was mostly covering mistakes – trying to overwork the effects until it was something OK. It didn’t really work out ^_^*. No reference was used for these, besides thinking of lace designs I’d done on the first page.

A sketchbook page of wavy, peach colored cloth, with lace trim on the bottom edge.
Cloth studies with lace trim on the bottom edge.

Below was doodles from this past Wednesday in Procreate, when I wasn’t feeling great. Very simple pipe folds, and very simple scalloped lace without any design (except for the upper right one, which was the first one I drew). I’m still getting a feel for how to draw and paint with an iPad. It feels very clunky to work with, but is slowly getting better?

Digital drawings of cloth with lace edging.
Cloth and lace doodles – no reference, but general pipe fold design, based on stacks of cylinders.
Digital sketches of cloth folds in rough, textured brushes.
Quick cloth studies in Procreate.
Referencing Jessica Truscott’s Fabric Drapery – Pose Reference Pack.

And finally, for the last set of studies, I looked at a reference pack above from Jessica Truscott: Fabric Drapery – Pose Reference Pack on Art Station. But I omitted doing any figure studies from the reference photos – I just wanted to focus on cloth folds. In the future, I’d like to do studies from folded cloth still lifes. There is just a meditative, centering feel of drawing directly from life. Photo references certainly help (and don’t require any set up or clean up!), but I think it’s about balance between studying from both.

In non-art ramblings, we had couscous and falafel for dinner tonight. 😋 And I tried the Nixie Sparking Water strawberry hibiscus flavor, which I have been wary of – I don’t always like how hibiscus tastes. This flavor is quite good though! Mostly I’ve been gulping camomile tea the last couple of days, to break up congestion. I worked through today (remotely of course), but I’m glad for the weekend and for the upcoming new year.

Now to test out more of the basic Procreate brushes. I bookmarked a bunch of sets I want to buy – I’ll need to narrow it down though to stay under budget T__T… And I still promised myself I won’t buy any until I finish trying the defaults! I’m like…40% of the way through?

Since I wouldn’t consider playing around with brushes something that requires a ton of concentration, I’m going to indulge in some X-Files while I doodle. I have been slowly watching the series – rather than binging – and I am up to Season 6 episode 20. I do feel like they jumped the shark after moving to LA for production, but I still like the show in spite of the increased goofiness.

‘Til next time.

P.S. Ah I just stumbled upon The Protomen Rock Opera albums, and I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. And I’ve never even played Mega Man T_T

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