A close up of box drawings, with a pen and marker next to the drawing.

Begrudging Box Drawing Drills

Grrr. Tonight was a night where being responsible took time away from making any art. I didn’t sit down to sketch these until 10:20pm. So that was….um…25 minutes between drawing, snapping a photo, and creating this post. But you know what, it counts! Perfection isn’t what I’m looking for, it’s consistency. So there, universe.

A piece of printer paper with roughly sketched linear boxes, with one plane shaded in purple marker. A sharpie pen and Ohuhu purple marker sit beside the paper.

It wasn’t even like…special responsible things. I had (online) belly dance class until 7pm, then worked out more until 7:45, because I really think more exercise will help my muscle tension. I replied to some text messages, talked to my mom. Called my dad later as well. Put in two online grocery orders to pick up later in the week. Grocery orders are such a pain – I miss just going to the store.

And then I dashed upstairs to do some super quick drawing drills – rough sketching planes in space / boxes. I used a sharpie pen, which surprisingly dries really fast and didn’t bleed from the Ohuhu marker. Bravo, Sharpie, well done. I also fired up the Calm app on my phone to try to channel some peaceful energy – but since I was trying to go as fast as possible, that was…ah…perhaps an unrealistic goal. It did sort of work to feel a little less rushed.

I picked a random music playlist on the app, “Wintertime Piano”, sure why not. Which is all Christmas/holiday music, which I wasn’t expecting for some reason? Usually Calm meditations are pretty ambient melodies.

Drawing boxes as fast as possible while listening to an instrumental version of Deck the Halls. I guess I’ll take it. It counts as putting in art practice. ;p

Now to wash dishes and go to bed.

‘Til next time.

Listening to: Umm...Silent Night piano music. Thanks Calm?
Current mood: rushed

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