Digital gesture drawings of five figures in action poses
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Gesture Drawings

Nothing felt like it was working with drawing today. I started two other drawings before deciding to do some gesture drawings in Photoshop. Even then it was a bit of a struggle – my shoulder is bothering me again and I’ve been tense all day. I dislike the feeling of being impatient with myself while drawing.

I have a feeling “just power through it” is not a sustainable approach. Perhaps days like today I can satisfy myself with simple drawing drills on physical paper.

I tried my trick of distracting myself while I drew, which sort of helped, but was also a little too distracting. I finally started watching Dr. Who! I watched season 1 episode 1 and 2 like… 5 years ago, maybe? Other than that, I’ve never watched the show, beyond random YouTube snippets. I guess I felt intimidated that it would be too much of a time investment. But as a series to watch/listen to while making art, I’m more inclined to give shows with lots of hours a chance. I still want to keep watching Start Trek TOS. And I’m tempted to go watch Critical Role’s campaign one, which I haven’t seen.

Eeeek, looking up the hours of content, perhaps that amount of content is intimidating. 138 hours for Dr. Who (starting with 2005 series, not including the older episodes), 373 hours for Critical Role campaign one, and 652 for Star Trek (all series and movies)!

That would certainly be a lot of art making! I guess we shall see, but I have a feeling watching all that is pretty far off (if ever), since I also have some queued up audio books and podcasts I want to paint along with. And some nights, a good music playlist is better than any show to accompany sketching. Perhaps tonight I would have been bettered served with a calm playlist?

Digital gesture drawings of five figures in action poses

As you can see, I love pixel locking line art layers and applying a nice gradient. It makes the lines feel more vibrant. ^_^

Sources for the poses, starting top right and moving clockwise: Line of Action (can’t link to specific photos on that site, unfortunately), Pexels, Pexels, Line of Action, Pexels.

Time to go relax and hopefully be better rested for tomorrow.

‘Til next time.

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