A photo of my scanner and art file folders
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Misc art update

My sinuses feel like a million bees having a rave in my face. It’s not a happy rave.

In spite of that, I want to post a bunch of art because I made it and it makes me sad when I don’t share my work. It’s a pretty random collection of art from (mostly) the last couple weeks, with an old drawing from Winter Solstice thrown into the mix.

The Winter Solstice one was an intuitive meditation drawing. I kept thinking I’d add more to it or go back in with black ink, but it ended up just sitting stuffed in a sketchbook for over two months >_>. So I just signed it yesterday and called it done!

A white ink drawing on black paper of swirls and abstract waves

Then there is a cute macaron drawing

(Macaroon? Macaron? EH I googled it and macaron was the Wikipedia article. Whatever…).

A sketch of pastel macarons with a teacup and the word macarons

Then a collection of volume studies in pencil from end of February. Trying to convey the illusion of three-dimensional space is so challenging ~_~

And a few cloud studies in colored pencil (cheap harder pencils and Prismacolor)

Sketches of clouds in pencil and colored pencils

From today, I continued to work on my medium explorations in my portrait sketchbook – the lower one I sketched in pencil first, then gave the Sharpie pen another go. It makes me appreciate how nice art-quality fine liners are in comparison – the Sharpie pen nib is just… too short and not made for drawing very dynamic lines. I mean… technically fine liners are ill-suited for dynamic line weight as well, but they somehow feel smoother and easier to curve and create sweeping marks. The Sharpie pen seems much more suited toward short writing strokes (which makes sense since it’s sold as a writing pen).

Two female portrait sketches in Sharpie pen

Lastly, a WIP form study in Photoshop (updated my CC apps and fixed the tablet pressure today, yay!)

But… I feel like form studies will be a continuing struggle for me. Oh well X_x

A grayscale digital painting form study with the words work in progress on top

I found the form study exercise from Istebrack’s YouTube channel. Her videos are so good, I *need* to find the time to watch more of them!

I also organized my file folders where I keep loose art drawings and tutorial scraps. I’m *almost* running out of room in the one, but I’m hoping it will be a little while before I need to pick up another one. These have art going back to like…2009, so it’s not like I’ve been particularly prolific with the loose leaf art. I would like that to change ;p

A photo of my scanner and art file folders

Well, the sinuses are demanding some Advil and then some rest. It’s only like 9:10pm too, waaah.

*slinks off to brush my teeth and get ready for bed*

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