• Digital painting studies of: a green cat eye, a candle flame, a potion bottle, and an ivy leaf
    Digital Painting

    Cat eyes and Candles

    I’m not even trying with a clever title tonight – there’s simply no time. I have to run and go wash dishes. Some more photo studies tonight, with sources from Pexels and Unsplash.* It’s almost like waiting until 9pm to make art and crunching my time into an hour of painting makes me let go of perfect and just paint! I’m quite pleased with how these studies turned out.

  • A digital painting of a rose, lilac flowers, two coffee cups, and a teapot
    Digital Painting

    Lilacs and Tea

    Studies from various Pexels photo sources** for today’s practice. I also spent some time drawing with fountain pens, but sharing that will have to wait until the next post of my mark making project. I treated myself to a new pink Kaweco fountain pen and some other goodies from JetPens tonight, but they will probably get here at the end of the month, given shipping delays.