• Featured image collage of several drawings of a blonde woman with a silver circlet on her head. There is text on the center of the image that says Childhood drawing Redux. In the top corner of one drawing is the name of the character Reiellasara.
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    Childhood Drawings & Creating OCs

    Oooooo, the dark theme with aqua text is back, you know I’m feeling nostalgic, ha! I just… can’t stick with a white background. Maybe one of these days I’ll make a site theme that has a dark/light toggle, so if it’s really annoying to others it can be toggled off… I recently organized a couple 3-ring binders with my oldest artwork from middle school and high school, and decided to tackle redrawing as much of the contents as possible. It ended up jump starting a bunch more pages in my sketchbook. All of them were of original characters I’ve had floating around in my mind for forever, and that in…

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