• An image collage of four digital paintings, showing wispy cirrus clouds in a blue sky. Text on the collage states: Digital Painting Clouds in Procreate. Cirrus clouds!
    Digital Painting

    Digital Painting Clouds in Procreate: Cirrus Clouds

    More cloud studies, but this time getting more comfortable with Procreate. As evidenced by my last post, my inner visual library of clouds is pretty stagnant: 99% puffy cumulus clouds. Here, I’m focusing on cirrus clouds instead: wispy and cold.

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  • Digital painting of sand dunes and a flower with petals scattering in the wind away from the viewer.
    Digital Painting,  Intuitive Art

    Otherworldly Winds: Work In Progress

    Here is one way to balance art and the rest of daily life: just find a stopping point after an hour and say “good enough for now, the rest will be waiting tomorrow” and cut yourself some slack. I have not been having a good day and was tempted to check out and just read in bed wrapped in a blanket nest. Instead, I turned to that form of art that is always a warm embrace for me: intuitive painting.