• Digital painting of sand dunes and a flower with petals scattering in the wind away from the viewer.
    Digital Painting,  Intuitive Art

    Otherworldly Winds: Work In Progress

    Here is one way to balance art and the rest of daily life: just find a stopping point after an hour and say “good enough for now, the rest will be waiting tomorrow” and cut yourself some slack. I have not been having a good day and was tempted to check out and just read in bed wrapped in a blanket nest. Instead, I turned to that form of art that is always a warm embrace for me: intuitive painting.

  • Digital painting of a yellow shed in a backyard, with snow covering the roof and ground and snow falling.
    Digital Painting,  Travel and Adventure

    Digital Painting: Study of my Shed

    I’m filing this under “Travel and Adventure” because why not? It doesn’t feel safe to travel all that much, so a new home and a new yard (new…ish… we’ve been here four months now, gasp!) counts as “travel”. And by travel, I mean I took a photo of my backyard with my phone, while looking through a window and standing at the kitchen sink.