• Pencils ontop of a sketchbook, with a razor and sandpaper to the right
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    Sharpening Pencils

    I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of using a single-edge razor to sharpen pencils. They really do work so much better to have a variety of line, but I’m still fond of cheap mechanical pencils too – nostalgia is a strong force. And of course a consistent line weight has its advantages on occasion. I feel a little silly, showing fundamental drills/practice work like value bars, but honestly, even if they don’t look very special, putting the time in on simple exercises really does make a difference. I’m getting more confident with graphite, but dip pens are still rough. The ink feathers so much on most paper. It…

  • Photo of a black ink bottle, a variety of pens, and some practice drawing drills with the words Ink and Rambling
    Drawing,  Life Musings

    Ink and Rambling

    I’ve been practicing art off and on the last several months, but I’m (clearly) having trouble figuring out how I want to share about learning art here on my blog.