Digital Painting

  • A digital collage with two traditional drawings and two digital paintings with the text Finishing WIPs!
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    Finishing WIPs!

    I had two works in progress hanging out there from this week – the sunset clouds digital painting (from Thursday’s post) and then the current sketchbook page (from yesterday). Even if I’m not practicing new ideas, I’m glad I used some time today to finish both of these up. It’s satisfying to consider drawings or paintings finished before moving on to a different study. No nagging lose threads!

  • Two digital paintings of clouds and the words cloud studies
    Digital Painting

    Cloud Studies in Photoshop

    Okay, so I thought cloud photo studies would be fast and easy – but it still took 45 minutes to paint these. And then cropping and writing in here. The purple sky is still a WIP, as I didn’t get to add the extra light peach colors and I want to see how it will turn out. Maybe I’ll do some more cloud and candle studies Saturday night? Tomorrow will probably be just drawing drills, as I’m tuning into a virtual performance my dance teacher is holding. And gaming night with friends, which I need to confirm. So not much time for digital painting, alas.

  • A digital painting of two candles alight in darkness
    Digital Painting

    Candles alight in the dark

    I’m finding painting a light source helps quite a bit in reasoning about light and shadow. I also made a point to switch between a soft brush and a hard brush this time (both brushes with opacity set to change with pen pressure). I’m especially happy with how the candle on the right turned out, perhaps because I painted the whole candle, rather then letting it fade out.

  • Digital painting of a pair of scissors with a red plastic handle
    Digital Painting

    Digital painting study from life

    AKA – what object on my desk could I paint quickly? I wanted to paint something from life tonight, rather than a photo study. There is such a richness of detail when looking at an object in front of you – the way the light bounces off the object, seeing the form better. Being able to reach out and touch for the form. I want to study more from life while digital painting, but having a corner desk set up… I’m not sure how that would work with setting up a still life. A future iPad would make it easier, but I’ll be patient and put in practice time with…

  • Digital painting studies of: a green cat eye, a candle flame, a potion bottle, and an ivy leaf
    Digital Painting

    Cat eyes and Candles

    I’m not even trying with a clever title tonight – there’s simply no time. I have to run and go wash dishes. Some more photo studies tonight, with sources from Pexels and Unsplash.* It’s almost like waiting until 9pm to make art and crunching my time into an hour of painting makes me let go of perfect and just paint! I’m quite pleased with how these studies turned out.

  • A digital painting of a rose, lilac flowers, two coffee cups, and a teapot
    Digital Painting

    Lilacs and Tea

    Studies from various Pexels photo sources** for today’s practice. I also spent some time drawing with fountain pens, but sharing that will have to wait until the next post of my mark making project. I treated myself to a new pink Kaweco fountain pen and some other goodies from JetPens tonight, but they will probably get here at the end of the month, given shipping delays.

  • Digital painting of various cylinder shapes rotated in space with shading
    Digital Painting,  Drawing


    Hah, no energy to think of a catchy title. More digital rendering/form study practice. This time, after I finished the contour lines of the shapes, I blocked in a solid flat color into the shapes and then used a clipping layer so that I didn’t have to worry about staying in the lines. I started the background as a midtone, so that the highlights would be extra satisfying.