• Digital painting of a yellow shed in a backyard, with snow covering the roof and ground and snow falling.
    Digital Painting,  Travel and Adventure

    Digital Painting: Study of my Shed

    I’m filing this under “Travel and Adventure” because why not? It doesn’t feel safe to travel all that much, so a new home and a new yard (new…ish… we’ve been here four months now, gasp!) counts as “travel”. And by travel, I mean I took a photo of my backyard with my phone, while looking through a window and standing at the kitchen sink.

  • A photo of a sheet of pink paper with oil pastel scribbles and the worlds mark making part 15 oil pastels. A few oil pastel sticks are in a group on top of the left side of the paper.
    Drawing,  Traditional Painting

    Mark Making Part 15: Oil Pastels

    Oil pastels are the medium I have the least experience with and also the least amount of supplies*. I often feel more of an affinity to painting that drawing, though, and oil pastels ride a line between the two in an interesting, if messy way.

  • Featured image of two sketchbook pages, colored pencils, and brush pen marks, with the text Sketchbook Update

    Sketchbook Update

    How is there only one week left in January!? I really wanted to finish filling Sketchbook No. 4 before the end of the month, but I still have 10 pages to go. The balance of wanting to both practice digital painting regularly and keep a traditional sketchbook practice is enough to make my head spin.

  • A collage of three paintings: the first a mermaid with purple hair and a red flowing dress top, the second silhouettes of female mermaid figures, and the third a portrait of a blue-skinned mermaid with flowing pink hair
    Drawing,  Traditional Painting

    Mermaid Wanderings

    Yay, watercolor paintings! These mermaid pieces are from October of last year – again trying to catch up on my 2020 art sharing. I’m happy with how flow-y the hair turned out on all three pieces. I felt extremely rusty with using watercolors, and the background of vague seaweed shadows on the first painting was…ugh. Still, even feeling rusty, there are things I can find things I like about the first painting: the light and shadow on the tail and the jewelry pattern.

  • A digital painting of green coffee mug full of coffee, with steam curly up, next to a plate with a blueberry muffin
    Digital Painting

    Painting practice: coffee and a muffin

    This little painting was from last night, while I caught up on watching Critical Role episode 121. I just wanted to sit down and paint – no real idea, no plan for composition and color. And yeah, it shows, but I also had fun, so I don’t mind. And I sooo crave blue berry muffins. I miss my weekly cafe trips pre-Covid. Baked goods and coffee is 100% one of my top happy places. Just *chef’s kiss*