Digital painting of a yellow shed in a backyard, with snow covering the roof and ground and snow falling.
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Digital Painting: Study of my Shed

I’m filing this under “Travel and Adventure” because why not? It doesn’t feel safe to travel all that much, so a new home and a new yard (new…ish… we’ve been here four months now, gasp!) counts as “travel”.

And by travel, I mean I took a photo of my backyard with my phone, while looking through a window and standing at the kitchen sink.

Digital painting of a yellow shed in a backyard, with snow covering the roof and ground and snow falling.

Favorite parts, per the usual:

  • The previous owners’ pea pod plant (or whatever it might be, that I didn’t dig up and compost in time before winter really got underway).
  • The white fence, which I started with a dark brown and tan under painting, and then added very light blue-grey and brown-grey on top.
  • The snow, which I mostly stubbornly painted by hand one flake at a time, because…*shrug*. But then also layered some speckled brushes on top in a different layer that I then erased out some.
  • My neighbor’s boat cover – that was a super fast part, and yet I feel like it’s the most well rendered part of the painting (upper left below the trees and above a, ah, questionable rendering of Ricky’s car).
  • The bird snow-prints, which my mom requested while chatting on the phone with me 😀 (Sadly no bird prints in real life, at least that I noticed at the time, as we don’t have bird a feeder to entice them. Squirrel and bunny prints, though, are pretty common)

The photo I was studying from was taken by me last Tuesday at lunch time. And then it took Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to finish. Getting back into digital painting, yay! And with something very chill (har har, accidental puns amuse me).

But seriously, it was relaxing and low stakes – a simple study, rather that some grand idea for an illustration I’ve been carrying around in my head forever. There were a couple times my anxiety started to peak: when I began to worry about all my other to-do list stuff. When I also wanted to work on my mark making project, or web development professional development (gah, there has to be a better way to phrase that…), or being social, or just chores and errands.

Mostly I was painting it late at night from like 8:45-10:45pm, watching this week’s Critical Role (omg that cliff hanger! Is it Thursday yet?!) or catching up on Jenny Nicholson’s ramble videos, now that I’m a Patreon of hers. I don’t know why, but her videos are perfect for listening to while painting or drawing. I hope…that’s not insulting. I do still watch the video – I stacked the video and my reference photo on one monitor and Photoshop on the other, so I was glancing between the two. I used to feel guilty for needing to ‘distract’ myself while painting, thinking it meant I wasn’t focusing deeply enough to make good art, but no, it’s super important to my…ahem…process. I need to distract the part of my brain that is overly critical and judgy and give it something else to do.

So…perhaps that’s enough of a ramble to accompany my art sharing? Oh! The shed is pretty old – from the early 1900s. The wood on the bottom of the door is rotted away, and I imagine the other base wood isn’t fairing well, since the raised beds were put in right against them (sigh). Also, the two boards on the fence gate to the left are a slightly tan color for a reason! I learned a valuable lesson our first month here above why you always latch a wooden gate. It was an extremly windy day when the gate was pushed opposite the way it’s meant to swing, was ripped off its (also very old) hinges, and just busted apart. Ricky managed to put it back together, but it required moving the bracing (err, whatever they’re called?) boards to the other side with other planks that were in the basement. So ta-da!

And now…to really work on my sketchbook today! <3

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