Cupckaes with Christmas tree and snowflake sprinkes and the words happy holidays

Happy holidays! Unwinding and letting my hair down

Thus starts a four day weekend for me *throws celebration confetti everywhere*.

I have totally been putting off blogging in here (on my second post, I know, I know! I did say no promises >_>*). Originally, I wanted to focus on the “#huevember” challenge on Instagram (three pieces away from being done, yay! :D) and then of course the build up to the holidays always gets so busy. And I guess I was still thinking these posts would have… like… a specific topic of focus, all neat and edited and such.

Reality check: I’d rather this blog be like the 1999 Live Journals of yesteryear than some sort of posh lifestyle blog. Because that’s the only way I’m going to fit blogging into my schedule; it has to be simple and casual and messy and possibly want to make an actual editor curl up in a corner and weep for the run on sentences. Besides, it is the behind-the-scenes artistic life that I want to share. It’s just…ugh…that takes a lot to just put yourself out there. Making mistakes, putting your foot in your mouth, all that. It terrifies me. So it’s gotta be like the pool in summer – just jump in and you’ll acclimate eventually, right??? Maybe I’ll look back at these blog posts a year or two from now and cringe at how sloppy they were, but whatever! At least they got posted. There is really only one way I learn well, and it involves making a bit of a mess.

What is new? My holiday shopping is all done (my budget is coughing and wheezing unhappily…) and I even managed to make an acrylic pet portrait as a gift! I plan to post it here after the surprise of giving it to my parents ^_~

Huevember has been an interesting exercise in learning to digital paint portraits. I’m running late on finishing it. Sitting down at a computer takes a lot more focused-effort than the 30-60 minutes I spent on most of my Inktober 2017 drawings. Plus I actually hurt my leg painting, how silly is that? It’s just my chair is not that comfortable – an old office chair I reupholstered, when I should have just bought a better one. I kept sitting cross legged in the chair or in a way that just strained my hamstrings. So then I’d have to take breaks after like 30 minutes, but usually I wouldn’t because I’d get all focused and then I’d make it hurt even more. Bad posture and me and art = such a literal pain in my ass. Usually it’s my neck and shoulder, so I guess novelty is worth something, right?

Anyway, I guess I can wrap up with some general “what’s been up” stuff:

  • Listening to & obsessing over The Magnus Archives podcast (I’m starting to realize subtle horror is one of my favorite genres)
  • Posting over at /r/learnart on Reddit (commenting! On the things! With real people! So scary!)
  • Reading Johannes Itten’s The Art of Color, which is due back to the library in like a week and half so, eeep, I need to finish it!
  • Also reading Fortune is a River, about Leonardo DaVinci and Niccolò Machiavelli, very interesting and making Florence in the Renaissance much more understandable. Also, so many parallels between Italy during the early Renaissance and Game of Thrones :3
  • Just finished reading Melancholy of Mechagirl, which was sooo good, especially the final novella “Silently and Very Fast”, which was just like envisioning someone else’s long lucid dream.
  • John Howe’s Fantasy Art Workshop was another book I finished in November. He really went in depth on lighting and landscapes and I really liked it.

May you have a lovely winter, random internet lurkers ❤

‘Til next time!

[Creative commons zero photo courtesy of Pexels, and edited by moi]

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